Monday, December 17, 2012

Iguazu Falls, Puerto Iguazo, Paraguari, Argentina

I have enjoyed service very much in paraguay. Everyday we take at leasttwo showers one with water and one from our sweat hahaha. It has been at least 90 degreed everyda here. we always tart out service by 8 and stop in the middle of the day for lunch and ont go out until 5 or so again becuase it gets way way way too hot to be very safe to be out. We where out twice past noon and bothtime we got heat exhaustion and almost heat strokes.. :( Never the less, it's well worth it, the response is great and you can pretty much start a new study everytime you go out in service. Since there are no street names sometimes it is hard to go back to a call. Since it i s alwasy very hot we welcome a rainstorm which gives us a day off and bring down the estreme temperature. The brothers and sisters are great and love to have others over for lunch. I got to experience a typical homemade paraguayan dinner that consisted of empanadas and choclo? something made out of corn. It was all very delicious! and the company with the brothers and sisters was great. I know i will miss them when I leave. The brothers and sisters love to play volleyball down here just like our brothers in mexico hahaha . >Everyone drinks a cold tea called tedede which they pour into a single cup and then a person will drink the liquid and pour more water and pass it on to the next person in a large circle. :P I recently made plans to visit the Iguazu falls national park. It was well worth our effort, time, and money to go see Jehovahs wonderful creation. Funny how a section of the falls was called "the devils throat" even in things that are so abviously Jehovahs work satan tries to take advantage and steal the glory jehovah deserves. The fall where so great and powerful, the butterflies of so many kinds would land on you and you could pick them up. A sister named Jade from England came to serve in Asuncion in an english and a paraguayan sister named Jessica from her congregation also joined me for the trip.We had fun together! At Puerto Iguazu,Jade and I stayed in a hostels and we have great stories to tell on that subject. Staying in the hostel made us feel a bit homesick, but later on in the evening we met a family of witnesses in a restaurant, we spotted them praying before their meals and they spotted us reading a watchtower, we said our greetings and the sister had a great way of discribing the situation "you can tell we are in the truth, because as soon as we meet we know we are part of the same family" :D so true!!! on our walk back to the hostel we met this older couple on there way to meet up for evening service. It was great the brother told us about recently going to pioneer school. It was great!! :) I miss my purepecha family, my american family, and my mexican family ;P very much all. CIAO!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sooo hot

I am enjoying service in Paraguay so much. Service is great already have a study :) and many calls. :p its is so hot here though everyday!! I am so sunburnt!
Regular pioneers where encouraged to apply for special pioneering down here. The need is so great down here that you can apply for a year long special pioneer assignment. :)
I'm a lil homesick at the moment but Jehovah has provided great association down here. It is always in the 90s or 100s down here. Ppl ride motorcycles everywhere even out in service that's what we used :p I rode a motorcycle from call to call. :D I miss you guys here are some recent pics.