Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eroguarikuaro, Paracuaro, Jaricuaro, and Opopeo, Michoacan

It has been great be here. The brothers and sisters are so kind. Everyone has at least. A minimum of three studies. They where trying to convince me to stay. :) hehe The Rojo family is trying to expand their ministry by moving to a town/village where there's no congregation established yet with hopes that they can help start one. There new home is much more humbler than their current home. The five of them will now share a room and and outdoor kitchen and an outhouse. There is no shower here so most likely they will have to heat up water and shower outside. There is obviously no running water where they hope to move and support.  This has made me think about my circumstances, if they a family of five with small children can expand their ministry that way I can definitely do more to let Jehovah use me. :)

Service in the villages has been great! The scenery is great. There are five islands around here in the janitzio lake.

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