Thursday, November 22, 2012

Paraguari, Paraguay, South America

<p>I am in love with Paraguay!! There is no other way to discribe my joy.:) The weather is amazing here it is 93 right now and verily 11am loooove it. Since it is so hot the brothers meet at 745 for service and usually ppl stop doing anything productive from 1-5 pm this is called siesta time! Ph yeah I love it. Today we went out in service at the asentamientos which is government land that poor ppl can build there homes on and if they stay they get to claim ownership of that piece of land. As anyone can image these ppl are very poor and very humble and willing to listen in the ministry. I went out for three hours and got 3 great calls!! I pretty much already love it here and dread my going back to the states date. :p anywhoo I miss you guys all and wish you guys where here!!!!

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